Custom Guitars

The first guitar in this post is the first electric bass guitar I bought, an Ibanez SR300. Years prior to the painted coat, I printed off my own stickers to apply to the guitar, however more recently into the present I decided that painting directly over the (In this case ‘Dark Iron’) finish & original lacquer, to later mask and layer the painted ‘Posca’ acrylic with Nitrocellulose lacquer. During this process I would occasionally sand out the slight out-croppings that the paint would create to reinforce the original contour of the guitar in relatively the same factory standard.

In ‘Jet Fuel…’ below, I have drawn around the original custom stickers and clearly been more ruthless with the implementation of the paint and the stripper, to give a worn out effect. Some would call this ‘ruining’ the guitar, however, I would argue that it adds to the personality of the guitar and could be a standalone art piece. The style continues from my love of expressionism, DIY & low-brow artworks.


The guitar below, ‘Sure Thing’ (MIM Fender Jazz Bass, Left Handed) was an incredibly more considered and planned guitar, implementing a hazy colour tone inspired simultaneously by the designs on Jimi Hendrix’s stratocaster and Flea’s bass guitar.

The original concept of the artwork branched from a one-page comic I put together called; “Sure Thing”.

The narrative shown is based on both idyllic symbols and life within personal passions and interactions with others.

Only one sticker was originally used on this bass guitar. I am planning work for my Fender Stratocaster and shall post it when it is done. I listened to a lot of Frank Zappa, Henry Rollins and Talking Heads whilst piecing this gradually together over a significant fortnight which undoubtedly influenced some of the parts. Notable references include; Black Flag, Daytona USA, R. Crumb, Fallout: New Vegas & Ape Escape.  -Cal

The following photos beyond the low-res original, are more high-definition photos taken a month or so later.

12027502_10153130107101596_8454680133573888597_nsdfgh  DSC_monkedddy0346 DSC_0sdfgh348

I am currently in the process of planning ruining painting a white, left-handed MIM Fender Stratocaster at this time.


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