Artwork – “Goldbeach”


This artwork, “Goldbeach” was based of an idea I had for a cheesy Hollywood film set. Although I doubted how well the ‘film set as the only way to reach atmispherical perfection’ visual joke would translate. So I cut the majority of that idea and ran with the representation of the visual paradise as the commentary and researched around ‘Hawaaian Weddings’. For this piece I have included references to the Washington memorial, the Beach Boys LP Surfin’ Safari and 90s clashing iconography such as Jeff Goldblum, early designs for soda can cups (see: example below) as printed on the Hawaiian girls tube top, as well as the tattoo on her arm with the throat stabbed bleeding out Sun which reads ‘since ’94’ as a reflective of the duration of this metaphysical symbolic paradise searching duration.

The poem I have included references ‘golden age syndrome’ and references for longing to live inside some parts of culture and not with it. There was always the chance that I would spend too long on the poems and neglect the art however,  I think this has been really successful here. I have previously added words to my work before but not in this dramatic format. This is one of my favourites so far. A cronenbourg camera set and the racing lines bursting through the faded wedding chairs really subtlety break up the composition in to its own thing. Independence day holiday. I should note also that the use of metallic POSCA pens here was crucial in emphasizing the differing line weights and giving that sought after Californian glamour. Sickly sweet palette rather than too realistic a portrayal.

P.S. I bought this for my brother as a large print as a gift and apparently it turned out well, it’s worth keeping in mind that these artworks could be presented at this size as well as the art book size for sake of design.

Goldbeach BLOG H-h-h Girl One For Goldbeach Crop scren Jazzy-90s-Shirt_grande


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