Imported Discussion Of Printing Solutions.

Printing Solution:

I considered ‘Blurb’ for my art-book printing but have just found out (probably too late) that even though I have the software to create the final designs, I did not take into account the American 2-week shipping delay. In the mean-time I will have to find an acceptable DIY method. All of my pages are in 8×10 so far, although introduced cropping does alter the consistency of the viewing I would like for now.  Print in PNGs.


Artwork / Experiment; “Astrology Store”

Initially a joke (an excessively drawn out and visual joke (see: Excessive JPEG compression and sample usage of ‘Endtroducing’ (DJ Shadow, album art ) but also a thematic line in to “Utopian (If you can call it that)” age westernized 80’s ‘trash advertisements.

Rutherford Chang – We Buy White Albums

Was talking to Matt about how he should have told me a while earlier that one of my favourite albums, “Big Black’s ‘Atomizer’ LP” has been reissued by Weston and Albini. This lead into a joke about how I’d want a store like (…Of which, Rutherford Chang has crafted a front of literally only ‘White Album’s by The Beatles (He had 693 copies of the LP at the time of the interview), and then I made this and overworked it to shreds.

Astrology Store III.png

A minor deviation, while not ‘complete’ like the above, is worth posting anyway:Astrology Store II.png

Here’s a quick crude carving into one of my record-housing mailing card containers. I was cutting into this particular one with my scalpel and noticed the different textures of card I could bring out by carving deeper in areas. Although completely crude, I thought it etching could be quite a nice deviation. Not so applicable to the current project, but worth noting.

record cutting.jpg

The following, “Foodcourtlandia” and “Special Stage Route 7 (1)”, respectively below, are drawings from my personal sketchbook which are slight idea generators dealing with the themes of this project in a lax fashion. Picturing fantastical and ruined versions of Bowling Alley’s, Highway Billboards, Malls, Brutalist Architecture (exaggerated cold versions of american commerce). “Foodcourtlandia” has the words “The Point Wherein Bowling Alleys Disintegrate”, which I thought was poignant enough to post here. Places to move from. Inparticularly, I have been influenced lately by David Cronenbourg’s “Videodrome”, I suppose these “sketches” are too skeletal to be really fulfilling to some, so I recognize that they might not be appealing from another person’s point of view other than mine (that is often the case with personal sketchbooks though.) I purchased a second-hand volume of “Interviews of David Cronenbourg by Serge Grunberg and was really taken aback by his analysis of the media melting on-top of people, or fusing with theme. As you can see in ‘Shrill Valley’ I have dissolved the real estate agent’s stomach to represent his in-human acidic bile corroding with each ‘utopian preach’. Whether this is too much is debatable, I quite liked the finished representation though. I ended up “de-saturating” the gore to make it less noticeable so, that’s an effort I suppose.

FoodcourtlandiaSpecial Stage Route 7

Here are some more crude, “starting compositions, if you can call them that”. Just using images I find interesting or short ideas, here are a few anyway:

YeahROCKSTARBrimstone Gala
I also went bowling with my fellow house-mates for my 21st after a day coming back, and threw this together, purely for comedic value, but it’s an example of the kitschy U.S.A stereotype overdrive which I think works. Using stock photographs and personal photographs unabashedly. A run-on from one of the first bowling trip collages I’ve done on the sidelines of this project.why did i make this II.png

The following images below are as follows: An example of my own photography for sampling (“New Coffin Order/Twin Pines Mall”), Source photography from TV screenshot inspiration which deals with excessively American iconic distillations (“Goldbeach” features a sort of Hawaiian Wedding / Dreamy Tone which references this white picturesque furniture that attaches itself to the American Dream so often. An example of page scanning from key sources (From an American commerce interior photo book from the 90’s) and the front cover to my sketchbook with signature and attached street photo from Winton (Taken from my film camera).


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